Painting at Stowe National Trust Gardens

The last two weeks have passed so quickly. I’ve had a wonderful time painting in the café at Stowe National Trust Gardens almost every day. 

I’ve met loads of lovely interesting people who have been full of encouragement, eaten lots of cheese scones and sold a few paintings too.  Thank you to all those lovely people. 
I must apologise to all the people who felt very hot for a few days in the first week and wondered why the heating was on when it was boiling hot outside.  I’m very sorry.  One of my paintings was covering the thermostat and causing the heating to keep coming on. 
I’m missing going in every day but my paintings are still there til the end of June and I will be popping in now and then to straighten them up.

Right now I’m in the process of making  Fine Art prints of some of the paintings. They will be available for sale via CatherineWingetArt on Etsy over the next few days.  Have a look and if there is anything you missed at Stowe and would like a print of please let me know.  
Here are a couple of prints as they appear on Etsy. 


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